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Wedding Featured in Herlife Magazine

A gorgeous wedding that we worked on last fall has been featured in Herlife Magazine! The beautiful spread features our awesome bride and groom Maredith and Hani!

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Tips for a Long Lasting Love

Beyond the first blushes of romantic love lies something deeper. When I see an older couple who obviously adore each other, I wonder how they do it. So, I asked some couples the question, How do you keep your love alive? Here are some of their responses. Maybe you’ve heard them before. All of us need reminding… lastingloveblog

1. Make sure you LIKE the person you intend to marry. Everyone that marries, loves the other, but make sure you LIKE him/her. Is he fun to be with? Do you have the same core values? Will you be able to quickly forgive? You and your partner have made a lifelong commitment and it takes a lot of love (like) and laughter and respect for the other. Years ago, my husband bought me a small plaque that says “Happiness is being married to your best friend”. 2. Develop an attitude of gratitude and give your partner praise for the qualities you love about them. Focus on those positive qualities. Ignore the irritating habits. 3. Learn to listen. Really listen. Think you know how to listen? Try again. Fully engaged listening is one of the single most powerful acts of love you can give. 4. “The more that you do for him, the more he will want to do for you and then, the more you will want to do for him and so it goes….it works!…for 50 years! 5. Talk, talk, talk! Communication is vital, conversation is an aphrodisiac. Open and respectful communication can get you through almost anything. 6. “Love you” are two very easy words to say, and if you say them often enough, it becomes part of who you are. It often replaces phrases such as ‘goodbye” or “see you” but has a much greater impact – be it to your husband, child or even, friend! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there! Making a commitment to someone you love by getting married? I can handle the details of the day so you can be fully present for your partner and begin a lifetime of demonstrating your love.

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You’re engaged, now what?

Enjoy the moment! It’s easy to let the excitement become immediate planning. Give yourself time to enjoy and announce your engagement before you jump into planning mode. Choosing the right life partner is the most important decision you’ll make in life. You’ve chosen the right partner, the rest is easy!

First, some fun. Get a manicure! People will be looking at your hands a lot in the next couple weeks. Next create the framework for your wedding by taking care of the big pieces first.

Share the news and announce your engagement. Your closest family members and friends don’t want to learn of your engagement from social media. Make phone calls and visits to share your news! Post on Facebook! Engagement announcements in newspapers never go out of style and older relatives will love it. Consider putting it in print and keep a copy as a keepsake.

Set a date; talk with your partner and family about seasons and timing. Do you have a favorite season? What’s the best season and narrow it down to dates from there. Prime wedding time, those Saturdays in June, means you may have to wait longer for a particular venue. Prioritize. It could be difficult to accommodate everyone’s schedule and lifestyle- setting a date early gives everyone time to work it into their schedule.

Set your budget. Be realistic and talk this one out with your partner and family. Money issues are the number one source of disagreement between couples. Get off to a strong start with an honest, open dialog. What can you afford? Is anyone helping to pay? If so, to what extent will they help? Part of this conversation includes talking about how many people you’ll invite to your wedding.

HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER! Finding the right wedding planner can make all the difference.

Guest list and venue. Come up with the list of guests. Do you want a small and intimate wedding, large party, or weekend event? Work through this piece early and then move on to venues.

Find a venue.

Close your eyes…where do you see yourself having your wedding, OR where is your dream location? Start making appointments asap with several different places to get a taste and feel for what your wedding could be like at their location. Check out all possibilities and see what each venue has to offer to meet your dream wedding plans.

Have fun with your wedding plans! It is truly a process of creating and making choices on how you want your wedding day to unfold.

Most of all, remember your wedding is a celebration of your love!

Best wishes on your wedding day!

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Ways to Beat the Heat During a Summer Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings in the middle of the summer are both gorgeous and becoming increasingly popular, however they come with an added factor to consider- the weather. Below we’ve listed for you some tips, tricks and advice to help you best beat the heat during an outdoor wedding!

  • Make-up: One of the most important things to consider for a summer wedding is how to keep your make-up intact throughout the day. Waterproof make-up often holds up better in the heat, and it’s important to blot with a powder and finish your make-up with a hydrating mist spray.
  • Hair Styles: The best hairstyles for a summer wedding are those that keep your hair up and off your face and neck. Braids, buns and accent pieces can go a long way.
  • Keep baby powder, deodorant and a body spray on hand. Baby powder and deodorant are great for keeping you dry, while a quick spray will help you stay smelling fresh.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration! Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important things you need to remember, and is easy to forget with all the excitement of the day. Drinking plenty of water will help you stay feeling great all day long.
  • Make sure your guests are comfortable, and keep pitchers of water around the reception and ceremony. Also think about using fans on a hot day, or turning your programs into handheld fans for your guests to use.
  • Watch out for bugs! There’s nothing worse than being attacked by pesky bugs all night, so consider using citronella candles or some other repellant, and keep plenty of bug spray on hand!
  • Finally, have a Plan B and a Plan C, D and E. The weather and other conditions can be unpredictable, so make sure you and your wedding planner have plenty of options. Weather can affect everything from decorations to food to how clearly your ceremony and reception music can be heard. Be prepared for rain, a strong sun, wind and anything else that can pop up!

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Wedding Featured on Style Me Pretty New York

An amazing couple we worked with last October, Andrea and Pat, had their beautiful fall wedding featured on Style Me Pretty New York recently! Check it out here!

Thank you for the heads up Carolina Rivera!

derose_breault_367$!600x Andrea

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The Perfect Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

Who doesn’t love the elegance of the roaring 20s, especially with the revival of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” in the new movie? After some searching on, we came across some great Gatsby-themed wedding ideas and tips to make your wedding day feel as if it came right out of the 1920’s! 7 Tips: 1. Include pearls, and lots of them! 2. Find the perfect headpiece 3. Search for a great vintage or vintage-style dress 4. Make sure the invitations represent the theme, that way your guests will be prepared! 5. Include gold in the decorations 6. Don’t forget Art Deco detailing 7. One word – champagne!

Check out our “Gatsby Themed Weddings” board on Pinterest here!

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Check out our new video!

Check out our newest video we created on our page here! For those of you who aren’t familiar with, it’s a great website that allows you to find local wedding venues, cakes, dresses, invitations & more. You can find our “storefront” here!

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Things to Consider When a Bridesmaid is Pregnant

Picking out your bridal party can be one of the most exciting parts of planning a wedding for a bride, but there are special things a bride must consider when one of her bridesmaids is pregnant.

  • Location: if you are planning a destination wedding or one that requires a lot of traveling for the pregnant bridesmaid, keep in mind when her due date is. Many doctors advise against a lot of travelling for women late in the pregnancies, so keep that in mind.
  • Dresses: dresses are especially an important thing to keep in mind for your bridesmaid. First, it is important to remember that a bridesmaid who is pregnant may fluctuate a lot in weight from fitting to fitting. Keep this in mind so that adjustments to the dress can be made easily. Also keep in mind that the dress may fit and look different from the first fitting to your wedding day, depending on the length of time that passes between them.
  • Shoes: your shoe choice for your bridesmaids is also something to consider, as a pregnant bridesmaid may not be able to wear the same shoes that your other bridesmaids can wear. Chances are, a high heel won’t be doable.
  • Breaks: don’t forget that your pregnant bridesmaid may need a lot more time to relax compared to yourself or other bridesmaids. Keep that in mind and make sure that she has plenty of time to rest.
  • Refreshments: make sure that there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available to your bridesmaid, as well as water available throughout the day.

If you keep these things in mind, you should have a fantastic day and a very happy set of bridesmaids! Keep in mind that not all women will feel comfortable taking on the responsibility of being a bridesmaid while pregnant, so don’t be offended if your friend declines a bridesmaid invitation, either.

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What Can Debbie and Crew Do For You?

Most brides know the basics of what a wedding planner can do for them, but they don’t know exactly how much of a help they can be. At Debbie McNairy Wedding & Event Planning, we’ve outlined for you exactly what the Wedding Day Planning & Consultation service includes. Duties at the Rehearsal:

  • Debbie will introduce herself and offer help to the officiant, parents and wedding party
  • Help run and coordinate the rehearsal
  • Position wedding party on standing at the alter
  • Direct proper holing of bouquets, groomsmen’s hands and other etiquette
  • Explain to ushers their responsibilities
  • Direct the family procession and show them where to sit
  • Work with officiant on elements of ceremony- processional to recessional
  • Offer advice on any other etiquette rules and procedures
  • Keep everyone focused and on task
  • Pass out the timeline for Wedding Day to the family and bridal party
  • Go over any last minute details of the Wedding Day set up with the bride and groom

Duties at the Ceremony:

  • Debbie (and team if needed) arrives early for set-up
  • Go over any last minute details, problems, changes, etc.
  • Set-up any elements of ceremony, i.e. unity candle, sand ceremony or guest book
  • Assist bride, groom or bridal party in anyway needed all day long
  • Assist vendors with set-up (florists, musicians, photographer, etc.)
  • Make sure groom and groomsmen look GREAT
  • Assist ushers in seating direction
  • Assist with ceremony doors for guests and bride to enter
  • Help family with direction
  • Cue music for processional
  • Line-up and cue bridal party and family throughout ceremony
  • Fluff train before the bride walks down the aisle
  • Assist in directing bridal party and guests after ceremony
  • Gather bridal party belongings and decorations from ceremony site
  • Direct family and bridal party to photos
  • Have emergency kit on hand
  • Distribute final payments/tips to vendors

Duties at the Reception:

  • Debbie (and team if needed) arrives early for set-up/greet vendors and receive deliveries if necessary
  • Communicate with venue manager on set-up
  • Ensure proper placement of place cards, wedding favors, etc.
  • Ensure proper set-up of centerpieces, candles, etc.
  • Make sure lighting is perfect
  • Place cake cutting set at cake table with napkins and plates
  • Reposition guest book or place signature board properly
  • Check all tables for proper place settings and table elements
  • Check with band/DJ and make sure that music is ready and the reception/music timeline is followed
  • Ensure that the venue has snacks and drinks ready for the wedding party when they arrive
  • Assist with bustling of gown when bride arrives
  • Line-up bridal party for grand entrance
  • Help bridal party and family with seating
  • Assist couple with cake cutting
  • Make sure parents are taken care of
  • Make sure that all activities happen on time (first dance, cake cutting, etc.)
  • Keep in contact with the couple to let you know what’s coming up
  • Collect and secure all gifts and cards
  • Answer any questions from the guests
  • Assist guests with place cards and to find their tables
  • Act as a liaison between you, the venue and all the vendors
  • Keep the reception running smoothly behind the scenes
  • Distribute final payments/tips to vendors
  • Arrange get-away transportation
  • Have emergency kit on hand
  • Ensure anything else you want done is done your way!

Other Optional Services:

  • Venue searches
  • Selecting invitation stationary
  • Selecting wedding attire
  • Honeymoon arrangements
  • Selecting the florist and decorations
  • Selecting the wedding photographer
  • Selecting the reception menu
  • Establishing hotel arrangements
  • Selecting reception music
  • Anything else that you can think of may be negotiated as well

Most importantly, Debbie McNairy Wedding & Event Planning wants you to relax and feel like a guest at your own wedding! We can take care of anything that you need or anything that comes up! Let us help you turn your dreams into beautiful memories! *All services listed are subject to what each client’s needs are for their individual event. Client’s full needs will be determined through the event evaluation meetings.

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Why an Event Planner Can Help With Your Proposal

Most people think about hiring a professional to help them plan their weddings, but what about the proposals? With shows like TLC’s “Perfect Proposal” and easy access to videos on YouTube, marriage proposals are being taken to new heights. Wedding planners can help grooms/brides-to-be make sure it’s a story to remember! Not everyone has the time or the resources to pull off an extravagant proposal, but this where a wedding planner can help! Professionals bring a lot of expertise, as well as knowledge on how to make the proposal wonderful while still sticking to your budget, and most wedding planners offer this service at a really low rate!

At Debbie McNairy Wedding and Event Planning, this “Romantic Proposal Package” includes a lot!


  • Personal consultation designed to get to know the couple’s history, common interest and hobbies
  • Customized proposal plan, including how to best keep the proposal a surprise
  • Advice on proposal do’s and don’ts
  • Tips on how to choose the perfect
  • Vendor referrals
  • Assistance in preparation/coordination

It’s definitely something to consider if you’re thinking about popping the question!

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