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Tips for a Long Lasting Love

Beyond the first blushes of romantic love lies something deeper. When I see an older couple who obviously adore each other, I wonder how they do it. So, I asked some couples the question, How do you keep your love alive? Here are some of their responses. Maybe you’ve heard them before. All of us need reminding… lastingloveblog

1. Make sure you LIKE the person you intend to marry. Everyone that marries, loves the other, but make sure you LIKE him/her. Is he fun to be with? Do you have the same core values? Will you be able to quickly forgive? You and your partner have made a lifelong commitment and it takes a lot of love (like) and laughter and respect for the other. Years ago, my husband bought me a small plaque that says “Happiness is being married to your best friend”. 2. Develop an attitude of gratitude and give your partner praise for the qualities you love about them. Focus on those positive qualities. Ignore the irritating habits. 3. Learn to listen. Really listen. Think you know how to listen? Try again. Fully engaged listening is one of the single most powerful acts of love you can give. 4. “The more that you do for him, the more he will want to do for you and then, the more you will want to do for him and so it goes….it works!…for 50 years! 5. Talk, talk, talk! Communication is vital, conversation is an aphrodisiac. Open and respectful communication can get you through almost anything. 6. “Love you” are two very easy words to say, and if you say them often enough, it becomes part of who you are. It often replaces phrases such as ‘goodbye” or “see you” but has a much greater impact – be it to your husband, child or even, friend! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there! Making a commitment to someone you love by getting married? I can handle the details of the day so you can be fully present for your partner and begin a lifetime of demonstrating your love.

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